Begging for it

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    Here's one of my hottest fantasies. You know how some wives are reluctant the first time. The way I would love to see it go down is like this. I would be dressed totally as a woman and dressed a little slutty. When we're all in the bedroom the lover should make me get on my knees and beg him to let me suck his cock. Once he allows me to do it he would order me to get his pants and shoes off. Then it would be hot to have him start slapping me in the face with it and walking around the room making me crawl around begging for him to let me suck it. I think that would be one really good show to put the wifes mind at ease. First off it establishes him as the dominant in the situation. Establishes the hubby as a submissive. And after watching your hubby beg another man to let him suck his cock it should help get rid of some of the first time fears. Hubby should also be made to beg him to fuck her everytime. I mean in most cases the husband is the one who wanted all this to begin with. He convinced his wife to cuckold him. He now needs to convince the black guy that his wife will be a good bbc slut. I also think if its your wife's first bbc ever the husband should hold the lovers cock at the entrance and guide it in the first time. This helps the wife feel a little more at ease in the situation and you will always know that you put the first one in her.
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    Wow! I like it!
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    thats how it should always start!
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    Very sexy
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