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Becoming a Cuck


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How dare he, how dare he penetrate my wife's essence, his cock is impaling my
wife's sweet innocent honey pot, her essence, the one thing that it was most
precious and sacred which was now forever taken by this man we did not even
know. As these thoughts ran through my head, I was the only one to blame. Once
inside my wife's pussy, he slowly slide every inch of his thick black cock into
her tight hole, stretching it more than any man stretched it before. He took
obvious pleasure in how tight she was and what he was doing to her. I wondered
if she felt every vein sticking out from his cock as it made its way back and
forth inside her love canal. I could hear her moan slightly , obviously enjoying
the fucking she was getting! To my surprise, the man only pumped her stretched
and swollen pussy even harder, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass
as he moved forward and firmly grabbed her tits. He didn't care, he didn't think
twice about what would happen if she couldn't take his huge cock, he didn't
care. All he cared about was fucking the hell out of that woman spread out
underneath him and he didn't care who saw at that point because that pussy was
now his. Forever, nothing could change the fact that he violated that box,
penetrated the inner sanctum of her womanhood and felt every soft fold of her
honey pot thrusting the bulbous head of his shaft firmly against the back of her
pussy. There was nothing that could be done to change that, he forever owned her
cunt, doing things to it that had never been done, reshaping and stretching her
love canal to fit his massive cock.

Every inch of that huge black cock was violating her in the most carnal and
erotic way, faster and faster he fucked her, his balls slapping so hard against
her ass that her pussy juices were splattering as a result of the impact. I
could hear how wet her pussy was and secretly wished I would not have allowed
him to have his way with her. Faster and faster and he fucked her until I heard
him whisper "this pussy feels so good, mmmmm, oooh, I'm going to cum up inside
of that pussy of yours baby!" "Yes, yes," she cried, "fuck me, fuck me hard."

Just then he drove his cock balls deep into her pussy, ramming the full length
of his cock to the hilt into her womb and exploding deep inside her, showering
the soft, silky folds of her pussy with blasts of his hot seed. As I lay there,
I could not believe that this guy just came inside her pussy, but it was too
late to realize my folly because I could not change what just happened. After a
few residual thrusts of cum were shot inside my wife's womb, he slowly slide his
huge cock out of her exposing a huge gaping hole which was all that remained of
the carnage laid on her used and abused cunt. Just then, the first streams of
cum began oozing out of that cunt, dripping down her ass and pooling on the bed

With a smug look on his face, he looked at his work, smiled, looked at me and
put his clothes on. Before, walking out the door he looked back at her spread
eagle on the bed, cum dripping from her swollen red cunt and said aloud "man she
was the fuck of the century" and told me to enjoy what was left despite the fact
that he owned that pussy now. Then he walked out of the bedroom and I heard the
front door shut behind him. I didn't know what to do but I knew one thing, I
could not help myself so I jerked off beside her, reliving what just happened. 1.jpg