become a interracial lover life style...

After 4 times that I shared my wife with 4 different guys I wish to try a gang bang with 3 or 4 guys... After she asked me if I can concede to her try not easy for me because I get so jealous and stop everything..... I wish and love to do it and I imagine her with a lot of black guys every time we have sex..and it makes me cum in 10 minutes... But when we do it the last 3 times I got jealous.... Why???how I can feel comfortable and enjoy it??? download.jpg


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.... when we do it the last 3 times I got jealous.... Why???how I can feel comfortable and enjoy it??? View attachment 345219
That is the whole point of cuckolding, Hotitalian ... its those strong surge of emotions that couples/individuals have by doing something so daring and against marital norm. Many of these emotions ... jealousy, anger, envy, horniness, regret, are all emotions often experienced in one big "power pill". Some people handle these emotions better than others; often as a sort of stimulant. If you found yourself with an erection, with a desire to masturbate, particularly if you found yourself desiring it to happen again, you were experiencing some of the emotional enjoyment of cuckolding .
Other people, however, don't experience those positive sexual reactions, and it often leads to hard feelings and regrets toward their spouse. If you're emotions are overwhelmingly negative, cuckolding is probably not good for your relationship. Possibly, masturbating to ejaculation while or before the activities are going on, is killing your excitement; some couples use cocklocks to restrict masturbation. You should restrict ejaculation prior too or during this kind of activity, actually.
IMO ... desiring a 'gangbang' for your wife isn't something you should want to happen if you are wrestling with negative emotions. Possibly a 3-somes (MMFs) would be better for you and your wife. Just don't assume, by what you read, HERE, that everyone is doing this, because they're not. Cuckolding can put a real strain on a couple's relationship. Sometimes it is wise to not bring some of your sexual fantasies to reality. I imagine we all have sexual fantasies that should never become reality!
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