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Beautiful newscasters!

Suzanna Reid is an elegant brunette bbc breakfast show presenter on fri/sat and sunday mornings shes always wearing stocking and suspenders. I Would love to be under a desk licking her pussy or fucking her from behind over a desk as she reads the news:)

Hedonist Ninja

Gold Member
The Big D has no shortage of black men to do the job! It could happen and maybe behind closed doors it already has.

I'd fuck all those women, that is just my nature however.

Chicago has a WGN newscaster named, for real, Jackie Bang.
Jabng.jpg Jbang.jpg

Her co-anchor is an older black male. I find the girl to be sort of annoying however.

I have always been conflicted if seeing her (fantasy) getting worked over by black men would make her unsheathe a hidden passion or unleash some new inner whining component to her.

Also does not help my fantasy that the black guy she is framed next to all the time is older and seems like a grandpa type. Men, Black, Asian, White, can still have lead in the ol pencil in the winter years. This guys just seems like a professor type who'd rather talk about fucking then fuck.

Oh well. That is why it is called fantasizing.