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beautiful naked black men post only

In all honest truth this happened yesterday.

This is a completely true story exactly how I ended up with a black dick in my mouth.

I can't believe how this was happening I was about to meet him in a cvs parking lot in the middle of the day. The plan was I was going to rent a motel room and give him head. He was calm and cool. When we got into the room it didn't take long till he layed naked on the bed.
Now I had seen plenty of of interracial porn and even found the cuckold ones exciting but maybe it was instinct cuz I did hesitate only a moment of "can't believe i'm doing this" passed through my mind but I still put the head in my mouth. It felt really weird at first I had never done any sexual things with a man. It was like the shaft was soft and still big and the head was just soft and kinda fat. It didn't take long before I started to enjoy it. I popped the head out of my mouth loudly and even tried to take it all the way down. I can't believe i did all this but I covered it a few times with my spit and rubbed it all over my face I was even smacking my face with his dick. I wanted to take a very short break. I knew I was about to lose control and go all out in lust. I watched him stand and walk around naked I couldn't take my eyes of it. why do black men that are talk dark and hung look so beautiful with their pants down? I walked over to him and was on my knees with my back against the bed frame. He came a bit closer and I asked him to bounce it in my face. He started swinging it back fourth not too hard and it was slapping my face again. I grabbed it and told him I can't believe how long and beautiful it is. I started sucking and slurping and moaning very loudly to the point it was like I was in a trance. I started saying things like I love sucking this black cock and I would compliment him how good it tastes and beautiful he his with his pants down. I licked his big black balls and even licked underneath them.
I asked him to lay back down and I think for a moment I thought I could suck it for hours. He said he had time to chill then closed his eyes again. I was happy to slow it down a lot because I really just wanted to suck that black dick for at the very least two more hours.
I sucked him standing up again and even hung my head over the bed side and rubbed it all over my face so more I must have just layed like that enjoying it on my face soaking in the smell for at least three minutes then I asked this beautiful naked black man to smoother me with his balls a little bit and I just motor boated that beautiful black cock and balls like I was completely in love with it all.
Boy was I happy I gave this black man $100 and bought a room just to suck some black dick and it was worth every penny.
After a couple of hours of me savoring every suck slurp and pop and made love to it with my mouth I took his seed in my mouth moaning while it shot cum and didn't
Let a single drop out until he was finished. I didn't like the so I spit it all out on it and rubbed it all over my face again. He did it for the money but didn't complain that I kept kissing, caressing and caressing it for a couple minutes. It was soft by then but those few minutes felt like I was completely alone with it and I was very glad this happened. After he left I stayed... I stayed because I wanted to try to get another one. I figured why not I got the room. A couple dirty looking ones came over off of craigslist and it didn't work out. IM about to move in with my girl and would be so sad if I ever brought home an std.
But I don't know if can watch interracial porn and not get the craving to suck one. I can't believe how beautiful some of those black guys look with their pants down.
If it we're possible to have five naked black men with clean pretty looking black dicks I would suck all of them. IM not gay and I love my girl but I know that if I do ever suck a dick again it has to be black.

Black cock is beautiful and I hope if you have that desire even though your straight man to suck one that it will go as we'll as my experience went.
I am still letting it settle in im not gay i am happy with my girlfriend and decided to do this before we move in together.

But man it was so wonderful that the first cock ever in my mouth was a beautiful black one. Im lucky. I wanted to try for years but never went through with it.

So yes i sucked a black cock and i loved it.
Bro i think my mouth fell in love with it no lie.
I cant believe im saying this but i would pay hundred of dollars and throw a party.
I woould love to be surrounded by clean beautiful black cocks.

Why on earth is it this way, why does black cock look so beautiful with white women that it makes even her white husband want to suck it?