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Beach House Dome

Yo...blacktowhite girls. Just got back from a 3 day Ocean City New Jersey beach house weekend, got my dick sucked by a white girl named Mellisa who was staying at the house with her bf. I was invited as a friend of one of the guys renting the house, there was a total of 8 staying at the house, 3 white women with their bfs, me and my friend. I eyed this one white bitch the first night, everyone sitting around talking, having drinks. I was stage, just there to hang on the beach, relax. I talked up the girl, right in from of her bf, Melissa is in her early 20s, brunette, big tits, loser chubby white boy bf, big mouth type. Saturday morning everyone went to beach around 11 AM, it was hot out, so i stayed in bed, sleeping off a hang over. I got up around 1 PM, nobody in the house, everyone at the beach. I went outside, to the back of the beach house, to the outside beach shower to take a shower, nice cool water, washing myself off, when i hear a female voice outside the shower door, and then the door opened and there was Melissa in a yellow two piece bikini, staring at me naked, she said i'm sorry and quickly closed the shower door. I asked her what she wanted and she said she came to find out if I was ok, and to get me to come to the beach with everyone. I told her the water was cool in the shower, to come on in...lol. She laughed and said, no, my bf would kill me, are you coming to the beach. I said, no, why don't you come on inside here with me. she said nothing for a few minutes then the door opened and she came in, and said nothing, just stood in front of me in her bikini, she looked at my dick several times, but didnt' say a word. I told her to hand me the coconut shampoo bottle, and she did, then i told her to hold out both of her hands. She held out her hands, and i squeezed a pile of shampoo in both of her hands, and I asked her to go ahead and wash my balls and my "black man dick." again, she said nothing, just looked at me. i leaned into her and kissed her as the shower water hit both of our bodies. i said again, now wash my balls and my dick. she started to wash my balls with one hand, cupping my balls and slowly jerked my dick with her other hand. i told the bitch to be careful with my balls. she said she was scared, her bf would kill her, i said fuck him, you are here for dick, we both know that's why you came here looking for me. that's cool baby, now rinse off my dick, she did with the shower head. i then told her to get on her knees and suck me. she did, in her bikini, and started sucking, and i fucked her mouth and came in her mouth. when she finished i fingered her, with her bikini still on, and she moaned like a slut in a tittie bar. she said she came on my fingers, and i kissed her again. i told her to go back to the beach i would be there in about an hour. i also told her to visit my room that night, around 4 AM while her loser bf was asleep and i would fuck her pussy. she showed up on time, and gave me that young white pussy while her loser bf snored off a drunk. she gave me her cell number and we plan to hook up again.