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    My husband Bill and I recently spent a week at
    an adult-only resort in the Caribbean. There were
    lots of single men there and I became friendly with
    a handsome black stud named Ron. One night Bill and I
    decided we would have some fun with him. We met him
    near the pool bar and I started kissing him while Bill
    watched from a ways away. Things heated up quickly.

    He asked me if we could go somewhere private.
    As I glanced down at his crotch, I could tell he
    really needed relief, and decided to go through with
    this crazy scheme. We were standing in a corner and
    nobody was paying attention, so I let my hand cup his
    hardness. He was definitely better hung than Bill, he
    was longer and thicker. Ron let out a disappointed
    groan as I pulled my hand from his hard cock. "You are
    driving me crazy, I'm going to have to go into the
    bathroom and stroke myself off". I dropped my hand
    to his bulge again and squeezed the head. I said "Lets
    see if we can't go out away from the house so we can
    take care of this growth in your pants."

    I looked around for Bill as Ron and I slowly
    worked our way toward the beach.
    From there we were alone as we snuck out
    into the wooded area at the side of the resort. Once
    we got deep into the woods, Ron pinned me up against
    a large tree as we kissed deeply, all the time his
    hard cock was pushing against me. I was on fire as
    I reached down and unzipped him. His hand went under
    my skirt and his fingers slid into me. His cock was
    so hard and big, that I could not maneuver it out
    through his zipper.

    I had to unbuckle his pants. I broke our embrace
    and dropped to my knees in front of him. As I dropped
    his shorts down, I moaned as his beautiful black cock
    sprang out towards my face.

    His cock was at least 3 inches longer than
    Bill's 6 incher and about a third thicker. I moaned
    as I wrapped my hand around the shaft not being able
    to close my fingers due to its thickness. Ron's hands
    went to my shoulders as I leaned forward and licked
    a glistening drop of pre-cum from the tip. I began
    giving him a much needed blow job.

    I was looking forward to having his cock empty
    into my mouth, since he must have a terrific amount
    stored up. As I sucked, I caught a movement out of the
    corner of my eye. I moved around on my knees, and moved
    Ron with me, so I could see better.

    There, only 10 feet from us, stood my husband
    behind a tree and he was watching us. Most of his body
    was behind the tree, but I could tell by the jerk body
    motions that he was jerking off as he watched. That
    excited me terribly. Here I was, cheating on my husband
    for the first time, but doing it in his full view as he
    jerked off! As I continued sucking Ron, my hand crept
    to my slit and caused a delicious cum, as soon as my
    finger came in contact with my clit.

    Ron was close also, as he pulled my head from
    his cock, and said "You better stop, I can't take too
    much more, please let me fuck you."

    I squeezed his cock shaft as I looked up and said "I
    want you to shoot into my mouth first, then we'll fuck."
    Ron let out a gasp as my lips took him in once more. And
    only seconds later I felt him stiffen and his body shook,
    as hot spurt after spurt of his cum shot into my mouth.

    I rubbed his balls as he unloaded what must have
    been at least two shot glasses full of cum for me to
    drink. I use the shot glass comparison because Bill
    and I tried it once. When he is really excited, he can
    shoot almost a shot glass full of cum.

    As Ron's orgasm subsided, I continued to nurse
    his shaft. To my delight, it didn't even attempt to soften,
    but seemed to get even harder. Ron pulled me up and we
    kissed. I was careful to keep his back to Bill. Then Ron
    dropped to his knees in front of me as he lifted my skirt.
    Oh no, I thought, he was going to eat me and my pussy was
    still full of Bill's cum from our fuck on the basement
    steps. I tried to pull Ron up and told him no, let's fuck.
    But he was already sliding his tongue into my pussy hair.
    Once he contacted my lips and clit, it was too late. I
    lifted a leg over his shoulder to give him full access,
    as I felt my orgasm building. Ron was a good pussy eater
    and in no time had me on the brink. What also helped was
    me watching Bill pump his hard cock, fully in my view now,
    since Ron's back was to him. He had stepped out from behind
    his hiding place, allowing him full view of this fist fuck.
    I grabbed Ron's head for support and leaned against the
    tree, as I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

    Once recovered, I leaned against the tree and
    lifted my leg, as Ron slid his hard cock deep into my
    pussy. I came as he was entering me, and had a series
    of small orgasms that seemed to all tied together. I was
    watching Bill jerk off over Ron's shoulder as he drove
    his meat into my spasming cunt. As Ron stiffened and
    groaned that he was going to cum, I began to cum, as I
    looked at Bill's cock, spurt after spurt was shooting
    from his fist enclosed cock and dropping on the leaves
    on the ground. Ron emptied his load into me as I wildly
    pumped myself against him. I was cumming like crazy. I
    couldn't believe that after drinking him down first,
    that a guy could still have that much sperm left. But
    Ron shot at least as much if not more into me. It was
    the most erotic scene I had ever had in my life. The
    thought of my husband watching me getting fucked, was
    such a turn on. And then to see him shoot while watch-
    ing, is indescribable.

    Ron and I straightened out our clothing and went
    back to the pool. Bill was waiting for me once we got
    there and we soon left to go to our room. But I didn't make
    it back without cumming. Bill only walked a few
    yards before he pulled over to a darkened part of the
    resort grounds. He pulled up my skirt and dove his head between
    my legs. Despite my protest and telling him I should
    wash first, he wildly sucked Ron's cum from my pussy
    and drove me to cum three more times before he came up
    for air. I saw that his cock was hard, and I also saw a
    huge wet spot on his pants. I unzipped him and took out
    his cock. The head and shaft were covered with cum. He
    had shot in his pants while eating me. I took him into
    my mouth and cleaned him up and then received another
    load to drink before we went home.

    After showering, we wildly made love again, re-
    counting the evenings events. Since then we have devised
    all sorts of ways to have me entice other guys into
    having sex with me while Bill watches.

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    Nice story - sounds like you'll be planning more vacations to that resort!
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