Be HONEST with your MAN and go on a NYC BBC Vacation


Real Person
Hello Everyone,

Have you ever had the fantasy to send your pretty hot wife to nyc? How about for a weekend? Buy her a nice dress and take her to a nice show in Manhattan. Get away from normal life in your town and come have fun.

Then the husband can relax at the hotel bar and allow his wife to come out to brooklyn to meet me in the dress he bought for her. I will take your wife to get drinks and finger her at the bar. Then its back to my place where I fuck your wifes mouth and send you photos. Perhaps even a skype feed or two. You the husband will jack off either in the hotel or at home while your wife gets a special one on one session with a classy NYC BBC.

Feel free to contact me if this interests you. If you have friends in the NYC area who you want to see blacked, please let me know. I have been in the lifestyle for over 5 years now and have improved many marriages. Cheating is overrated. Be honest with your significant other and expand your sex life. Its not taboo and you shouldnt feel ashamed. You are with someone for a reason. Love. To be open with them.

Gotham BBC