Be gentle with the n00b...

I'm brand new to this community; this is actually my very first post.

Things you should know about me: I'm 5'10" and athletically built; I am 28 yrs. old; I have long dreadlocks that I keep neat and clean; I have a successful career in TV and Film (behind the camera); and I have a naughty streak that needs expression. That's why I'm joined this community ;)

I'd love to meet adventurous and discreet ladies in the Los Angeles area. Ideally we'd meet up for drinks to gauge our chemistry, and if sparks fly we'll let the night take us wherever it will.

I take great pleasure in giving my lady friends GREAT PLEASURE, and I hope someone from this community has the good fortune to be on the receiving end of that pleasure train sooner than later.

For any interested parties in outside of the Los Angeles area: I'm more than happy to exchange sexy emails and pics to kindle the fires of a long-distance lust.