BBCs forever?

Hi all

I'm a Brasilian BBC and a psychiatrist by background and so I'm curious to understand - with empathy and respect - the experiences of others.

I am curious to know from the ladies on this forum who do actually go further than most - ie openly swinging or indirect cuckolding, simple cheating etc - when they actually invite a BBC to move in and live in their homes and be a part of the family; and thus basically relegating their hubbys to second rate servants or even in some cases leaving their hubbys. I am curious about that dynamic and how it plays out in the long term.

How long do you - the wife - expect your BBC lovers to stay with you? Is it understood it's only until the BBC gets bored and moves onto fresher pastures or do you expect a long term commitment?

What's the longest a BBC stayed with you in such an arrangement? Months? Years?