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BBC Virgin

Hello my name is Kellie. I am from Texas and have a hubby. My hubby and I have been talking about cuckolding for a while now.....we have both agreed that it is time to try it. He would enjoy watching the BBC penetrate my desperate pussy........leave your location and contact info. I'm am clean so I would like the same in return.
Hi Kellie,

This message iz from ROCK. Do you and your "hubby" travel much, or do you travel mostly alone? How about the Big City, (NYC)? Ever been, or thought about viziting? I think that the three or two of Us would bea (perfect) match. And by-the-way. I am VERY clean and alwayz have been. It soundz az though you may have had a bad run-in with someone. That iz totally not MY STYLE. I HAVE BOTH COOF & MY Dignity. Well, how about We chat a little and see where thingz go from there? I will be looking forward to maybe hearing from you in the near future.