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    Need advice.
    been dating this petite white european girl for 3 years. Furst two years she was complete reluctant to letting me what her take a bbc. Shes not into black guys or the fantasy. So for two years ive been training her. Every time we have sex i make her say she wants black dick. At first she was resistant but now we can fuck with out her screaming shes a dirty bbc slut. Everytime she talks dirty he pussy makes a huge mess on the bed. Also im 24 and shes 29.

    Its gotten to a point now wherre she says she watches black porn and masturbates to it. She said she got horny from a rap song and masturbated thinking about a black guy banging her. We even called a bull and she let him listen to her talk dirty. Ive seen a wonderful transformstion in her . But she still wont do the "3sum" . Everytime we get close to calling one she backs out and is filled with anxietY.

    I cant seem to get past this final step. Its awkward putting a stranger in front of her. She wantd it to be natural and spontaneous shes also very picky bout her men. She wants a guy whos educated and clean cut. I wanna see her be fucked by a more thug type.
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    Try going to a dance club and you head off to get drinks while she is out on the floor shaking her body. See if nature takes its course.
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