BBC Taking Over Russia

Russia has its own s really different than europe.. and from all west..

Still little part of russian women into black guys! but cuckolding is getting spread out.. they are looking for new things.

i am turk, you can hear many russian women, even married some turkish lovers here in turkey, antalia, istanbul.. thats true but this is first because of russian men!


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Yes.. this is why I do business in CIS, compare with western europe and USA....... it is like a dream in CIS!! I really love the opportunity there is in russia + CIS, the americans and europeans do not understand it as they believe ABC, BBC, CNN, FOX etc, even in siberia you see vast changes in the infrastructure......... yet the western media continues to be negative against russia.

BBC has a different connotation at this forum.
As a russian I can say that such large cities as Moscow and St.Petersburg are very friendly to foreigners. I live in Moscow and I see black men every day. Most of them are young students, however couple of times I met some grown up black people (businessmen and nightclub staff). Also there are areas in Moscow, where you meet black people more often than in other areas. Usually there are international universities in such areas. I even met black families couple of times in my area. Russia suffered several internal conflicts between muslim and christian regions (like 1st and 2nd Chechen War) last 20 years so there are still nazis and facists in Russia, but they attack russian muslims mostly not black people.

Soviet Union had a lot of restrictions for sex, so kinky sex wasn't developed until Soviet Union was destroyed and Russian Federation was founded. Considering this fact you can imagine that kinky sex is still developing in modern Russia, as there are no more restrictions. That's why interracial cuckold topic is very popular nowadays in Russia. I know several young couples from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, who want to IR cuckolding and even make it their lifestyle. So, yes, BBC is taking over Russia and black men from US or UK or somewhere else can be sure that it's very attractive country to visit and hook white girls.
I am from Russia too :)

My friends like black mans too. And some Russian boys become angry from this, but in some years it will be normal I think.

:) x
Welcome to us these guys have nothing to be angry about.theres not enough men to go around. If every single black guy in us married a white woman,there would still be too many white women for the amount of men we have.
Yes. But sometime when I go with black man in Russia (I live UK now) some boys get angry with me. I do not care however. They are just jealous of big cocks and just wish they could fuck me.
Yes,theres alot of guys who are stupid. But it will all eventually be over. Eventually they will create a penis enlargement pill that actually works. Their already pretty close.