BBC surprise at the conference


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My wife organises events during conferences that I attend such as wives shopping days and cocktail parties , the most recent was in Singapore and when she got the list of attendants it came with photos and two of the English delegates where black males without wives .
I remember her making comments about the two men . they were both in there 50s and by the photos quite fit and good looking ,
We arrived and the evening started with the cocktail party where all met and networked ,Kim was busy making sure everyone was ok and drinks were flowing .I had to welcome all and start the conference then it was a free for all , I hadn't noticed what Kim was wearing but she looked elegant in her cocktail black dress that showed all her curves and I saw she had on her black spade bracelet , to keep this short I noticed her at the bar with one of the black English men who had picked up that she was wearing the spade bracelet it was evident he was very bed that night she told me that he was very keen to explore her body as he and his friend loved white women . Sunday was a rest day Kim got up and told me she was going to the gym I watched slip into her lycra one piece with no underwear as she walked across the room I could see it was see through she got her towel and of she went around an hour went by I got up and went to find her ,there she was using the walker and standing behind her was Jacob viewing my wifes semi naked ass so I krept in out of view to watch , he was giving her help and at the same time using the weights as she got of the walker I could see her whole body through the lycra suit Jacob was lying on the bench lifting weights and I could see his cock head had come out of his shorts and as he got up his whole cock fell out he pulled her to him and they kissed ,when I see her kissing with her tongue I know she is hot to trot. the next move was Jacob exploring her body and she responded ,he whispered something and they moved into the sauna I waited then peered through the door window to see Kim naked and so was Jacob he was holding his huge cock for Kim to suck , I then heard voices so I picked up towels and opened the door and covered them up Jacob was so calm and asked if it was ok I just smiled.
we sat there talking Jacob was very nice and invited us to his room later he was keen to have me there as he loved husbands watching.
At around 4pm we got a call from Jacob asking if we would like to come over and would it be ok if Ben could be there,on arrival both men were only in towels I was shown to the bar area and was told to keep the drinks coming ,Jacob undressed Kim she stood there looking amazing they both removed there towels and sat on the lounge and then ordered Kim to get on her knees and suck both cocks she crawled across the room and started to devour there huge erecrted cocks and I had the view of her nice big ass after a while Ben got behind her and sucked her ass and fingered her very wet fanny she was ready for them and both took turns fucking her I then got invited to come closer and view what a BBC coan do to a white womans fanny and watch them both unload in her.
We stayed an extra few days so she coild enjoy some of there friends and that is another story.