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i have a cpl that 1 OWN and they have kids and the kids pretty much know what were doing.They even let me in the door , they are not teenagers yet so i guess they are not worried , I even watch Tv with the kids while mommy is in the shower, we watch WWE together and the hubby is there also , when she gets out the shower she comes get me and i go to the room and I fuck till wrestling is off and the kids are in bed when i leave , and hubby is usually passed out on the couch ,,, shes passed out on the bed and i just lock up and leave..... So i suggest to all bbcs just be respectful of their children and you wont have problems.... now i do have one cpl , i do warn cpls that if you have a teenage daughter never let a bbc in ur house and be friends in front of her unless you are totally ok with her fuckn bbc after shes 18 , I warned a cpls of this and the wife continues to have me offer for their family events ,and now her daughter is 16 and , her mother recognized her looking at me last saturday and i think she is worried that shes gna wanna fuk me when she is 18 , reality just hit her and she knows that i warned her ... She told me her daughter asked why havent i been over .... she didnt know what to say ... apparently the husband has been angry about it as well ...he didnt think his daughter would want blk , they are paranoid now ... so they have alot on their hands now because she runs that house too... idk how this is gna play out yalll ...im not gna lie she is fine as hell to .blonde big boob athletic bombshell .... ill keep yall posted what happens ...she has known me for like 6 years now ... the first 2 years her and her brother were younger so they were in bed when i was coming over ... i pretty much think what happened was the mother and daughter argued with the hubby about me coming over and the fight got pretty bad but the hubby lost ...bc they extorted him bout being bi ,so now they want me to come over tonite...the wife tells me that daughter doesnt think were fukn but does she really think i leave when she goes to bed , this is a smartgirl and she know her moma a freak and she knows she fucks other men but she has never seen me coming out the room .or nothing ...but what the hell her mom got this 33 yr old blk man in there lookin nice ...at midnight ... they make me watch movies with them and sports games its crazy .....its like they are in a contest on who can wear what around me ....mom gets sloppy drunk and talks about sex whole time .....im kinda thinkn the wife wants me to have her daughter ya know like shes grooming or preparing this ... idk women are very smart and plan well ... and the two of them talk in codes and stuff ya know or eye language .... this girl is smart yall shes gna be fuckn dangerous im telling ya and im so thankful for this site bc reading here and learning more i see whats happening now and i have somewhere that i can finally air this in confidence that i can get help and make sure im doin the right thing, IM ALWAWAYS ON YHOO BBCMILFHUNTR OR TXT ME 870 316 8507