BBC Lover Came Back

20111023023939(95).jpg I am so excited,my BBC lover just got back after three weeks away. I truly missed his 9" of sexy Thick BBC. My pussy was so empty and loose without his amazing Blk Cock...I love hubby like crazy,but my lover, I love his thick,heavy BBC much much more. :blackgreedy: When he is in town on business,I suck and suck on his magnificently beautiful thick Black Cock deep and fuck him most every night.When he rips his huge Blk Cock away from my loose wet pussy,I very willingly take his throbbing thick Blk Cock into my large wet mouth,letting his warm thick creamy cum fill my mouth every time,not even hubby gets that treatment,not even remoetly close...Hubby knows of him and I let him watch sometimes,but he dont know just how much I am devoted to sucking his Black Cock well.and how I worship my lovers Strong Black Cock. I sucked and fucked him for hours the first night back and stayed all night with him. I just had to share with everybody, In the first pic or two,my hubby took, God love him....I was ridding his extreamly hard Blk Cock,after about 20 min of him pounding my pussy, his Cock deeper and deeper every thrust,the condom tore and broke compleatly off and his Cock was pounding my wet loose pusy deeper and deeper bare back.I told him to stop,but he refused,pulling my hair,making a fist and would not let me get off,he continued fucking me and slapping my soft large white ass,pumping faster and harder,I think because he knew the condom had broke, the rest of the night we fucked bare back.Girls I must say,I truly loved it. Gooooooooooood,Grrrrrrrrrrrr how I love his Fucking Black Cock,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Come back to me soon xoxox

P.S I Need BBC xoxo


good story...u sure have a wild and promiscuous craving;)
me neither i wouldn't have stopped after the plastic broke...given the intensity of the moment i sure would have pounded even harder...bareback is best ever
Hi, tks ya like my pic....was just last week.....I can help myself,,,,hooked on BBC....I try and hold back most time, but always fall hard for it, just makes me
haha...i guess it's like any other fall the first time by saying it will be the last and you are again doing the same nasty thing ! Lol
but i really like the way you describe yoour adventures. it's easy to feel how freaky it was and more importantly how strong your love for bbc is...;)it just make me wanna explore every single inch of your holes
Hi chococandy, ya guess when ur addicted to something,you really dont even know that the addiction is even there,but some adictions are acceptable as in this case,good adiction for a girl to have,