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A man getting ready to get married confides to best man that he is worried that once he is married he will find out his wife is a whore.

His best man tells him that on his marriage night to take out his dick and ask his new wife what it is. If she calls it a penis then she has not had much sex but if she calls it a cock she may be a whore.

The night of the wedding he pulls down his pants to his new wife and asks what she sees. She tales him it's his penis.

The man is very relieved and tells her he was afraid she would call it a cock. She replied that a cock is twice as big and is black!


Whats 10 inches long and white? Nothing!

Whats does a husband with a 5 inch cock get for breakfast? Pop Tarts! Whats does her black lover get who has 10 inches? Pancakes, Hash browns, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Orange Juice, Coffee, and served in Bed!