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Orion Pax

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Do most white women here..... Have a swirl fantasy, or would you openly date a black man? Would you take him around family and friends? Would you just confine your relationship, with him just to the bedroom ..... Or be public about it? Is there general interest in a black or just his penis?
I am from a ultra conservative Asian household and was kicked out for dating a black man. I am currently married to a mixed, black and white, male and have only been with black men for the past 12 years. Also, not all black men are big, which goes the same for the other ethnicities. To me, I'd much rather be seduced mentally and that'll get my engine going for sexual trysts.

BBW longing for BBC

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I would not care if I was saw in public at all and if I thought we had a future together then yes he would be taken to my family events. It isn't just cock that draws me to black men...that is just something that has always been there. I have yet to have sex with Candyman but his lips drive me crazy when we have kissed. I think I am craving his lips on my body as much as I am having his beautiful cock in me!