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BBC hard to conceal

I have had instances where I would be reading in a starbucks and then I would get excited , the first time it happened, an Asian girl in the opposite table started to say , "I can see it from here".

Last week I was on a bus, and I suddenly had two girls about 18 turn around and look at my crotch and they said " big bull".

Ladies tell me have you ever seen a big guy in a public space and had to comment? What response did you get?
unfortunately no, but i often try to peek at that area when checking out a sexy blk guy in public, in fact its one of the first things i wonder about when on dates or if a guy approaches me, i love it when im hugging with or kissing a guy and feel the beast twitch through his trousers, against me... mmmm
A few times in public but my favorite is after you have danced with him at a club or my favorite if your on the hunt, is at weddings. Nice tight slacks and a little thigh rubbing and you'll have a very good idea of what awaits you. I love the bulge and make it a point to do some visual inspections when ever possible. My girlfriend and I have had some wonderful times at the Mall.
One time, while on a cruise, I was standing at the back of the ship, watching a show, and the guy was behind me. I was at a bar table, and he was tall enough to see the show over me, but when the servers had to get past him, he had to move towards me. After a few times of this, I could feel him getting excited, and it was obvious that he was well endowed. It was very exciting.