bbc for my wife

I would love to see a black cock in place of mine. I've been trying to convince my wife to try it, but she has her reservations. I can tell the thought excites her, but I think she is scared. You all must have a trick for converting a white closet slut such as my wife. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
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david Johnson

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She knows I want to see her fuck a black man, and I even can tell that the thought turns her on as well. I just need to know how to get her to give in to the craving.
How do u known she likes the thought? Does she tell u she wants black cock and for u to watch her take it. Does she get super wet when u tell her as u play with her pussy what?? Cause if she wants it im sure there are plenty here that will help out
Just dont pressure her man.. Bring it up casually sometimes when ahe us really horny. Or maybe Watch interracial videos together. But show her the more sensual ones.. Not the crazy hardcore type that we guys watch.. If shes interested.. Shell get into it in time... Just my thoughts