BBC/Cuckold status in western Europe

Which country has the most BBC cuckold lifestyle ?

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Everyone, Thanks for liking my status and most of you asked the question because of that , that how can I say something like that with surety, well first of all, It is not surety , its just observation and few experiences we had along the way .the post I made about my experience in Spain was a glimpse of that, but I been gone long and while traveling from Sweden, Germany, France and Spain, I came across many things. More it was observation and feeling that I got from there, because uptil now I was not looking for clues like that, now when I started to look, I could see them everywhere. I will write about these things briefly because many of you requested me to make a post. So here it goes...

Well the spanish couple was the most weird thing so far in the trip, because uptil now I never saw girl forcing her cuckold to bi-sexual behavior (someone in this community told me that its called forced-bi, new to me), but that we only saw in Spain. We talked to that couple more and they agrees that this lifestyle is mostly in Spain (apparently only Madrid has more than 50000 gay/bisexual men, so even spanish hetrosexual guys do not mind sucking BBC if their girl wants them to). In Madrid, We also saw a very young skinny Nordic girl blowing a BBC in a hotel pool, in front of everyone. even her family was taking sunbath right there, but either they dint see her, or they dint care. either way she blowed him like crazy. This open display of BBC addiction, especially for someone that young (she was 15-16) was very new to me (Black men are very popular here in Denmark as well among young college girls, but sex is not done openly).
In France, we met many couples in Paris in bars and clubs, they all shared crazy stories about their experiences. In one club , we were talking to a couple (Cedric and Marie), where two black guys came and the girl from the couple simply went with them and she takes me. Cedric was very calm and did not object to anything, my boyfriend was a little bothered, but he talked him into it. We spend the night with them. Marie told me that France probably has the biggest number of African immigrants so this lifestyle is very common and is not looked down, everyone accepts it. In Nice (another french city), we went to a Cuckold Party (or mandingo party), where there were like 10-20 couples and like 10 big black muscular guys, and all the white guys simple watch it and drink, while BBC fuck their women. I am a little shy so I just couldnt join in, even though they took me in a few times, but I couldnt go on. That was a very wild fest, but a little uncomfortable, because most women there seems to be experienced in this sort of stuff and it was obvious that it was not their first party. plus they were kind of fighting other women for BBC. Absolutely not recommended for beginners ...
In Germany, the BBC culture is mostly club scene (germans are a little shy than french and spanish), means a girl spots a black guy in club, her husband or boyfriend approaches that guy and ask him if he can join in on their table. they talk and the girl leaves with the black guy and the white guy either goes to strip club or keep drinking. How we know that because we interviewed a similar guy (Stefan) at the club, who had a very beautiful girlfriend, but she left with a black guy, so we joined him on his table. he told us all about it that this is how its done. that his girlfriend is fucking BBC in some hotel room. and she will come back in one hour. My boyfriend asked him some really taunting questions, but he said that he is cool with it and they both comes here almost every week. He said that he accepted this because its better than his girlfriend cheating behind her back. and he said that with immigration of auslanders (foreigners) more and more black men are coming in germany, so eventually more and more german girls are getting into BBC. so guys have to accept that now.
In north, sweden especially, its also the club scene like germany, but unlike german men, swedish men are more exhibitionist, they take photos and make videos of their wives / girlfriends doing BBC. We meet a guy (Bjorn)in a bar who runs a photography studio in Stockholm, he told us in detail that this cuckold lifestyle is brought by media and porn into sweden. so its started like a fantasy but now has gone very common. Most swedish girls have done many black guys before they pass highschool. so when entering into a relationship, they expect to keep their lifestyles and most swedish guys do not mind. A benefit of having a totally atheist society, monogamy is outdated in sweden and couples both experiments in their way. so those couples arrange BBC nights and most of the time film them, so even hire him to do photography and film, some come on internet while some is strictly private for the couple. he strongly feels that cuckold relationship is also progressing in sweden (though he himself was gay).

This is a simple gist of what we came across in europe. of course this is the entire thing. we dint took the whole trip just to look for this lifestyle, we were traveling , going to wine villages , beer gardens , castles, cities ... this was just some people and experiences we had along the way. Its nothing solid, but it gives an idea how this BBC cuckold lifestyle is settling in west europe. I also have heard the same about east europe, but havent seen it with my own eyes. so next time If i take a trip, I will tell more.
Questions and comments are welcome. I tried to present the situation as honest as possible, without exaggerating, however all this is still subjective because even my boyfriend differs with me in some details. so I hope you all enjoy it and share your experiences as well.

PS: I also created a poll between these 4 countries (sweden, germany, france and spain) that what you people think is more deep into bbc cuckold lifestyle. ... someone told me that UK is way way more than any of these countries, Do tell me if its true as well.
There's a huge number of white women and white girls with black boyfriends in the UK but not sure about how many IR cuckolds. I'm a white guy who is looking for a white woman for an interracial cuckold relationship so I hope to give some more feedback.
I believe England (not all UK) is the first with France coming second. I didn't know in Sweden the lifestyle is popular. What I read often from Swedish women is that black men are just a few there so it's hard to meet one.
Dear Sana,
I agree with you all over Europe you see more and more white women with black men. With the increased influx of Africans this is no wonder. Cuckolding is also increasing with white men moslly affected but you will still not see it openly displayed with of course the exceptions as stated in your post. Yet when you talk to white men in private, and I mean some of the middle age and older crowd you will find them very willing to share there wives with black men. Of course they confess this only after a certain amont of drink, but then again the truth comes out. I believe that this lifestyle will grow in all European countries but never reach the level as in the United States, because the Taboo factor is different and lets face it Afro-Americans are just stronger and more aggressive than blacks from Africa. Meaning of course that our women would fantasize more in the direction of American blacks.
There is a tremendous amount of Interracial couples in the Nordic countries. Of course with cuckolding it is harder to tell because you do not know what is gong on behind closed doors.