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What would you do with his BBC

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I would hope he would tell me it was time to give him some relief from such a beautiful erection. After he laid down I would crawl between his legs and start licking his balls. I would hope he would let me lick them for a long time. Then when it was time I would lick my way up his cock and take him into my mouth. I'd wrap my lips around his shaft and begin stroking his cock while twirling my tongue around his cock head. I would hope that in a short time he would feed me his delicious black cum. He'd probably cum a few mouthfuls, and I'd be in heaven. After he rested for a while I would get on all 4s and get fucked by him. He'd grab my hips with his strong hands and thrust in and out of me until he shot his load and filled me with his cum. I'd thank him for allowing me to service him and do whatever else he pleased.
@Manolo2 i would have you sit down on the couch and i would kneel on the ground between your legs. Then id take that fat cock in my hand and start stroking it while i sucked on your balls and licked your taint. Then id lick slowly and firmly up your dick till I reached the top. From there i would dive right in and deep throat you balls deep, giving you the sloppiest blow job of your life till you came down my throat.
What would you do with this BBC if he visited you
i would gently kiss it & politely ask permission to suck it i would beg to have it rubbed all over my moaning face & beg to have my face slapped with it You would turn around & make me kiss Your sweet Black ass i sweetly kiss both of Your ass cheeks & You firmly grab my head & bury my face into the crack of Your sweet Black ass & order me to lick Your asshole & ream You out good or else i don't get to taste Your big Black COCK You're firmly pushing my face into the crack of Your ass turning back around You reward me with allowing me to begin kissing it some more & lightly start to nibble & lick on Your engorged head of Your big Cock my hungry mouth & hot tongue would then begin to slowly explore the length of Your long Black shaft working my way down to Your hot cum filled balls where i would hungrily lick some more & take each one into my mouth & gently suck & nibble on them my hungry mouth & tongue would then work their way back up Your long Black shaft to it's head & back down again all over making sure Your big cock was wet & dripping i would stop for a second & gaze & admire the big cock of a real man throbbing in my face i would grab Your big Black cock & shove it through my waiting lips engulfing it into my mouth & wildly gobble it up & quickly bob my head up & down on it sucking & licking it all up like i couldn't get enough of it i would desperately tell You that i was going to cum in my panties i would place Your hand on the back of my head so You could force it deep into my gagging throat thrusting it in & out & fucking my face like the cheap whore that i am right before You’re about to shoot Your hot load You would pull it out of my mouth & again start to tease me some more with it by slapping me in the face with it i would try to grab it with my cock hungry mouth but You would tease me with it & pull it away & make me beg for it You would begin to laugh at how You have total control over me & how i hunger & crave for Your big Black COCK & slowly begin backing up forcing me to crawl on my knees for it trying to grab it with my mouth Then You would finally grab my head with both of Your hands & wildly start to fuck my hungry mouth down my gagging throat deep & hard without mercy &You'd shoot Your load down my throat