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In the last 15 years I have been fucked by so many black men probably more than 500 big black cocks.In one year I used to be fucked by new black guys almost every day of the week and on the week end used to have gangbang parties where not less than 30 guys attend and fuck me all.
Year after year and my pussy still is craving more and more black cocks.In the first three months after my first black cock, I have been fucked by more than 50 black guys.
So most of those black guys were usually from different countries but the majority were African-Americans so here is their distribution by country:
1-USA 75%
2-Jamaica 10%
3-UK 5%
4-Nigeria 3&
5-South Africa 3%
6-Senegal 1%
7-Ivory Coast 1%
8-Ghana 1%
9-Morocco 1%

The largest cock fucked me was 12" and he was from US followed by few guys 11" and 10" most of them from US and Nigeria, then more black guys who were 9" mostly from Jamaica,UK and South Africa,Senegal,Ivory Coast and Ghana. The smallest cock to fuck me were 8" and they were from Morocco.
My own findings contradict the published World Map Of Penis which put US men penis size (around 5.1