How many cuck hubbies, wannabees, or hotwives would love to swallow a Black Master's cock BALLS-DEEP?!!?

Is it something you'd most want to look forward to doing with the wife/hubby, or alone?

When I was dating, I used to love doing it in front of a new cuck for the first time.....always so certain I could never possibly take that full, massive length, always shocked when I did.


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I personally love to suck bbc....but I prefer them very thick so swallowing all can be a challenge...but worth the effort. Would like to get my husband to the point of sucking deep to but so far he is just a cock and ball licker lol.
I push my hubbies head down till my bulls cock is completely down his throat all the way till they're balls are almost in his mouth! He starts to gag and choke and my lovers and I hold his head down while they grind even deeper.One of my lovers actually was so thick it completely cut off my hubbies air and he passed out!