Bad Sex Turned Good

Yesterday evening my husband asked me for sex. And I let him have intercourse with me. It was the worst sex ever. I didn't stay wet, he kept holding back from cumming and I finally had to tell him to get off of me. When my husband got off of me and rolled on to his back, just for fun I slapped my husband in the balls, really hard. And he just laid there gritting his teeth.

I kind of got excited. It was kind of like the first time I slapped him in the face and he fell to the floor, and never said anything. Just for fun I asked him if he'd mind me playing just a little more. He shook his head. So, I got out our paddle and told him to hold his penis up. And he did. I swung back and then slapped my husband's balls with the paddle, really hard. My husband finally said "Ow!" I thought it was funny that he actually let me do that. And because he didn't tell me to stop, I did it again. This time even harder.

My husband's balls were bright red. I knew he was in pain, but he didn't say anything but "ow." So, I decided to see how far he would let me go. I licked his balls lightly and then took one of his balls into my mouth. My husband moaned until I bit down, hard. Then the tone of his moan changed, but he didn't tell me to stop. So, I began chewing. It was fun.

By this time my husband had gone soft. His little penis looked so cute and edible. So I took his penis in my mouth and chewed on it like it was a tough piece of meat. My husband didn't tell me to stop. So I kept chewing until my jaw got tired.

when I sat up and looked at his penis and balls, I could see bite marks all over his penis and his balls were still bright red. I then told my husband to grasp his balls so that they were tight. And he did. I got the paddle again and slapped his balls, again, as hard as I could. This time he let out a yelp.

It was then that our live-in walked in to see what was happening. All he said was, "Damn! That's gotta hurt." My husband's response? "It's okay, though."

I asked my husband if his penis was sore, and he said that it was. So, I told him to masturbate while I went down on our live-in. And he did. After a few minutes I took my husband's cock in my mouth and chewed on him again. Then I went back to sucking our live-in. I told my husband to keep masturbating. And he did. A couple minutes later I punched my husband in the balls and he lunged forward. I told my husband to lie back down and keep masturbating. And he did.

While my husband masturbated his sore penis, I softly licked and sucked our live-in's cock and balls. I kept looking over at my husband's sad little penis, with bite marks and all. He lets me do anything I want to him. And I have found out how to make his penis fun for me.

I don't know how many women out there have submissive husband's, but I do. And I have learned that I like his little penis. It can be fun to play with.
Anyone else found this to be the case?


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Nope can't say this is any way close to what my husband likes nor what id like to do to him.

Chew his balls? I asked him and the answer was predictable.