Bad experiences?

I have a few, actually, like: i was with a very nice black man, sitting in front of him on the floor, i opened my blouse and showed him my tits. Then when i opened his pants he stopped me, he had already ejacuated.... So much for the "all black men can fuck all night"...... Or being in a bar flirting with two black men, hinting that they both can take me home, they start argueing with each other who can take me home. No way they are going to share me, so not all black men are into threesomes. And a funny one, in a hotel i met a black young man who loudly stated he fucked many " white bitches" and he was into "horny white milfs", when i finnaly got him to my hotelroom, he confessed he had actually never even kissed a white woman. He also didn't really know how give me several orgasmes in a row as he stated earlier. According to him all white women allways have multiple orgasmes when they are near black studs like him. LOL


Real Person
i have had a bad experience also i had been talking to a guy online (hubby knew all about it and encouraged it) as with most online chats i didnt think much of it i figured it would be someone i had a nice talk with and would either never hear from again or talk to a couple of times and he would vanish, but over about 2 weeks he was on everytime he told me he would be on and we kept on chatting ,our chats soon became very personal beyond the usual flirting "i wanna fuck your brains out" chats lol, we both decided that we should go on cam for each other to be sure both were real and we did and i found him very attractive, he was a little shorter then i prefer but he was really cute and well built ,this of cource led to us playing sexually on cam for each other which be both really enjoyed ,he had a nice body and a large cock which i really liked viewing, but even with all the sexual playing and conversations we still had normal friendly chats also
the entire time hubby was aware of what i was doing even viewing us on cam most of the time a few times even joining in with me, eventually after talking about it for several months with him and my hubby we decided it would be ok to meet in person but he lived near atlanta and were in florida , he said it wasnt a problem and he really wanted to meet me and even my hubby who had talked with him also ,we agreed that we would pick him up at the airport and he agreed he told us his flight # and time he would be arriving and the whole thing
so the day comes and the night before we chat on cam and he confirms that hes coming and we have a really hot cam session where we both got off this time we even chatted on the phone while on cam, s the next day comes and we go to pick him up his flight was supposed to be in at 2 pm so where there waiting 2 passes we wait 3 passes we still wait 4pm rolls around and by now we know hes a no show, it was such a let down for us both we had invested so much time and effort and were really excited to meet him and see where it lead to ,it was such a letdown that we just about gave up on looking ,we now are just starting to even chat online but it would seriously take something special to get us that excited again