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Back from therapy. When asked what I have been doing lately...


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View attachment 429649 i told the truth. i signed up here and have been looking outside my normal lifestyle, "Black Men". her reply was, shocked quiet for a moment with raised eyebrows. she then said, i feel a change in you. i felt that change too.
I havent been to therapy but had similar 'raised eyebrows' when I went to the health clinic for STD testing earlier this year. As a married woman in my forties, sitting alongside younger girls and young men, I felt a bit out of place.
In a private room I was politely questioned as to why I felt the need to visit, had I been with someone I suspected had an STD? I had to say that hubby and me were trying a different lifestyle for a bit which mainly involved me having sex with a few guys. Then when I took my jeans off she could see my QoS tatt and there was definitely 'raised eyebrows' from that point on. Their attitude changed to being a bit more disapproving from then on, but remained ok.
I was clear by the way! X