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awesome dream last night

..so you know how, in a dream, you find yourself in random situations with no understanding of how you got there? I found myself in a long narrow hallway with two friends. Both have incredible bodies, narrow waist, big tits, tight asses etc. I just walked into the hallway and approached one from behind and slowly started tracing the twists and curves of her body lightly with my hands. Running them from her hips to the sides of her DD's. Its at this point she turned to me and said in a slightly embarrassed tone, we both just love your cock. She slowly turns away from me and presses her ass into me. (for some reason I'm wearing sweatpants) She starts sliding her ass up and down slowly causing my dick to stiffen and grow. Her friend approaches, also sporting a nice set of DD's, and pulls my face into her tits. She mentions how big my cock is beginning to look and how wet its getting her as she slides one of my hands down her body. After some more of this, they both drop down to their knees and slide my pants down letting my rock hard cock free. They both proceed to lick and suck every inch, taking a break every few minutes to kiss each other deeply. One drops her hands and knees and begins begging me to fuck her....as I position myself behind her I look up to see.....MY GIRLFREIND....this jarred me out of my sleep and while I was disappointed this was only I dream I was also heavily relieved that I had not cheated on my girlfriend. Still is hot to think about however