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  1. cucksecret

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    Hi everyone,

    I stumbled across this site by accident but think I should have been here a long time ago.

    I'm 25 m and very submissive, love seeing sexy women take bbc and know I can't compete with what these guys have to offer.

    Would love to speak to anyone from aus who's also interested in cuckolding or forced bi.
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  2. guyhardcore

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    i enjoy hardcore sex n all way into spanking..slapping..tieing the hands..walking u like a dog...stuff ur mouth wit panty n bra n my undergarment...spitting n pissing allover ur face n body ....kicking on ur ass n grabbing n pulling ur hair to let u know who ur master is..msg me as we can get in touch n know better ..,my ym is as i have cam n we can chat more k
  3. CuckSlave

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    I am from melbourne and i also love seeing sexy woman with powerful big black men mmmm it turns me on so hard!
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  4. Andrew jownally

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    Id love to stretch her out for you mate. I'm black and living in western australia. Do you two ever come to Perth? If you do make sure you let me know and you can watch me stuff her to the max.