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Athletic White guy from B'ham seriously searching...


Gold Member
I'm an athletic, outgoing profession guy, searching for that "special female" to share good times with.
I enjoy the outdoors, college football games and open to pretty much anything. In public, we'd look like the perfect couple. I will give you the attention and love that you desire .
But behind close doors, you have to be my "Black Cock Girl". The days of you getting white dick are over (except for me) I will be your last white dick. If thats too harsh for you.. then get lost. I can find plenty of ladies like you. This aint Match.com.
Lastly, you must enjoy being "Black Cock Trained" by me. I want what I want...
Are you willing to have the time of your life and being in the best relationship of your life?
We could be the "White Couple" that everyone is jealous of on here..
If any of this interest you.. give me a shout.... I have a lot of "wants"..