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At what point could you be considered a cuck?

So I was having a conversation with someone about this. Their point was that you are considered a cuck as per most definitions when your partner actually sleeps with someone. My point was, that it does not have to go as far as physical sex for one to be labeled or considered a cuck.

For example. I introduced my bestfriend into the idea of sleeping with my wife and had them texting eachother, Eventually it became a big deal they texted alot, i talked alot with my friend as well, it was mostly to please me but they liked it. He ended up grabbing her ass in front of me (we all agreed beforehand), and even had her give me a blowjob just to then text with him and laugh at how fast she made me cum. To me that is a straight up cuck by definition, even if they hadn't slept together., im I wrong here?
I think the point when I became my wife's cuck was when she started to treat me as if she owns me and my masculinity, now she does take great pleasure in reminding me of my position in our marriage :) it does make me feel content knowing she is actually very happy in her marriage :) and of course she always shows me how happy she is when she comes home from her date ;-)


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My wife and I have been swinging for 4 years and I have watched her with numerous men and BBC but despite being voyeuristic I would often joined in. Although I did prefer to just watch with BBC. Even though I have encouraged and allowed my wife to have reasonably regular meets with one or two guys I am only now considering myself being cuckold.
Because I go back to our first BBC meets and realise that I wanted them to become genuine and regular 'lovers'. To watch them fuck regularly and to see them together. I realise that I would like us to meet a similar guy who likes the hotwife/shared wife scenario and to step aside whilst he has her. That is why I consider myself wandering down that road.


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My wife had bisexual encounters with other woman while whe where married and just loved it. I wondering for a while now if that's enough to be caled a cuckold ? Or has it to be sex with other man what slowly start to come in her mind to.