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New jeweled Love it!

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Very, very nice! Great pics! ;)
Ass Jewelry

She has finally arrived, this is the moment she has been waiting for. She takes a deep breath and knocks hesitantly on his door. It is opened almost immediately by a tall, muscular black man that quickly pulls her into the room. She is taken by surprise as he catches her with a hungry kiss and pins her against the wall, hands over her head. He holds her in place with one hand while the other hand quickly slides underneath the hem of her dress. Running his hand over her smooth ass, feeling it, squeezing it, he wastes no time in undressing her; he has to get his hands on her hot body. He releases his hold on her and steps back to look her over, he is pleased with what he sees. She watches as the bulge in his pants gets bigger, she can see that his cock is getting harder by the second. She can’t wait any longer to experience his black cock, needing to have him, she takes a step forward. They come together in an embrace, their hands searching and exploring while their tongues dance in each other's mouth.

He caresses her curves down the sides to her hips, then back up. He grabs her hair, pulls her head back and kisses her neck. Then he runs his hands down her back landing on her ass and squeezing it the way she likes. He alternates between stroking and squeezing her cheeks until his fingers come across something hard and solid in the center of her soft butt cheeks.

"Hmmmm! Bend over and let me see that ass" he says.

He loosens his belt buckle and slips his pants off. He smiles when her eyes get wide upon seeing his hard, black cock jump out. Oh, he is going to enjoy this…

She eagerly complies with his direction. She goes over to the edge of the bed, leans over, spreads her legs, arches her back, and sticks her ass high in the air for him.

He sees that she has a jeweled butt plug in her ass! He taps on it and wiggles it around, giving her shivers of excitement. He keeps a little pressure on it while his fingers reach forward and gently rub her pussy. A soft moan escapes from her mouth...

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"You trying to get that ass ready for me? How does it feel?" he inquires

"Yes. It feels good. I like it, it excites me" she says.

"Is that the large plug?" he asks.

She tells him that it is the small one. "I couldn't do anything larger by myself"

"That's not nearly enough to get you ready for me." he tells her.

"I know." Then she asks "Could you please put in a bigger one for me?"

"Medium or large?" he asks her.

"I want to do the large one, but I'm a little afraid of it." she says to him.

He tells her "We will take it slow and go with the medium for now. I want you to thoroughly enjoy it and want it when I decide to let you have my cock in there."

He keeps teasing the lips of her pussy and her clit while gently pulling and pushing on the plug. She spreads her legs further and wiggles around trying to get his fingers to slide inside her moistened pussy. "Not yet" he whispers to her. A frustrated, yet pleased moan is heard.

She reaches for the bag of toys on the bed and manages to find the other plugs and lube.

"Are you ready to switch it now?" he asks. But before she can reply, he pulls the small plug out; she gasps with pleasure.

He drizzles the lube over her cute little asshole. "Let's make sure you're good and lubed up deep" he says and inserts a finger to work the lube deeper. She gasps again then exhales with pleasure.

While working the one finger slowly in and out, he asks "Do you want two?"

"Y-yes, yes. Please add another one" she whispers.

"Show me that you want it, ride my fingers and get them as deep as you can."

She responds by wiggling her asshole against his fingers. Slowly, deliberately forcing herself to take a little more with each effort. Finally she's able to take the entire length of his fingers. He stops her by putting his other hand on the small of her back. Then while his fingers are still buried deeply, he twists his hand slowly back and forth. She moans and tries to ride them some more.

"You're not ready yet. Let's put in the other plug and wait for a bit." He adds a little extra lube and slides the medium plug in.

She slowly stands up, getting used to the feeling of the plug in her ass.

He reaches around her, grabs her ass cheeks and pulls her closer. He teases her by rhythmically rubbing his thick, black cock against her clit and the lips of her pussy. After a minute she quivers and has small climax, getting juices all over his cock.

"Let me clean that up for you" she says as she slowly drops down to her knees. She runs her hand down his chiseled chest, relishing in the contrast of her pale hands on him. She gazes at his thick, dark cock and licks her lips. She begins slowly licking him from the tip to the base and back again. Working from the underside to the top. She looks up at him frequently to see if he likes it. Once she has the drips cleaned up, she circles the head with her tongue, lightly flicking across the tip. Softly she starts to suck the head. Slowly working her way down his shaft, she sucks a little harder on each stroke. Eventually swallowing it all, he can feel the tip hit the back of her throat. He grabs ahold of her head and holds her against his groin until she gags. He lets her back off a little and slowly backs up to the bed, bringing her with him. He lies back, and she follows him up to the bed as he moves back. She continues sucking and licking, using every little trick she knows to bring him pleasure.

After a several minutes of enjoying her efforts, he has her turn sideways so he can reach between her legs. He starts rubbing her clit, gradually working his fingertips between the lips of her pussy. Finding the entrance wet and slippery, he partially inserts one finger. Teasing her, he adds another, but doesn't go deep. She moans, her pussy aching, wanting to be filled.

"You're getting pretty worked up" he says to her, "you need to lie back and relax for a few minutes." He sits up and lies her back on the bed. He traces the curves of her body, caressing and teasing her all over. He runs his hand down the outside of her leg, then slowly up the inside. Finding the moist center, he teases it while he works his mouth down to taste her wetness. With a flick of his tongue on her clit, she begins to squirm. He circles it, lightly sucks on it, and then slides his tongue deep into her pussy. She looks down to see the hottest, most erotic thing she has experienced in her life; the head of a powerful black man between her thighs. It takes only a few moments before he is rewarded with an explosion of warm juices, splashing him everywhere. He has to hold her hips down as she bucks and writhes from the powerful climax. He continues to lick and suck her dripping pussy for what she feels is a blissful eternity. Finally, she moans loudly and grabs the back of his head as another powerful wave overcomes her.

Satisfied, he comes up over her, the juices dripping off his chin onto her chest. "I think we've relieved some of your built up tension. Do you think you're ready for this cock now?" he says to her, as he slides the just the tip of it between her dripping lips.

"I am more than ready!" she manages to reply as she tries to thrust her hips upward.

"Not so fast" he says "we still need to get your pretty ass ready. Do you think you can manage to take the large plug now?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm willing to try." she tells him.

He has her get onto her hands and knees, then has her put the large plug in her mouth to warm it up. He reaches for the plug in her ass, he taps, wiggles, and spins it around. He pulls it part way out, then reinserts it a few times. She begins to tremble with excitement. Finally, he removes it completely and takes the large one from her mouth. He adds lube to her hole and slowly starts working the large plug inside. She gasps, her fingers claw at the blankets, and she lets out a moan.

"Do you want it?" he asks

"Yes." she whimpers

"Then act like it. I want you to work your ass onto it. Show me how much you want this black cock inside you. You're not even going to have it in your pussy, if you can't take this in your ass."

She slowly starts to work her way onto it, managing to take just a little more each time. Suddenly she stops, "I don't know if I can do it."

"You're almost there, just a little more. Remember you have to relax." he reassures her, then adds a little extra lube. "I know you want to take it."

She renews her efforts, not wanting to disappoint him or miss this opportunity. She works her ass back and forth, then with a final push and a muffled squeal, she manages to slide it all the way inside her.

"There you go, I knew you could do it. How does it feel? Do you like it?" he says.

"It’s good.” she manages to reply.

"You didn't answer my questions. How does it feel? Does it hurt you?"

"Yes, it hurts a little." she replies.

"Is it too much? Do you want to take it back out?"" he asks.

"No. I can handle it, I like the way it feels now." she says to him. "Plus, I really want to be able to enjoy taking your cock and hopefully I can squirt while you fuck me in the ass. But right now I would really like to know how this is going to feel with your cock filling my pussy. Can I please have it now? I really want to ride you."

He lays back on the bed, "I think you have finally earned that privilege."

She leans down licks his shaft and sucks on it a few times. Then she crawls up and straddles him, rubbing her pussy up and down the length of his shaft. Finally, she centers the tip and starts to lower herself onto it. As the tip of his cock enters her, she catches her breath, surprised and pleased by the new sensations invoked by the plug coupled by the girth of his cock. Slowly, she works her way down his cock, savoring the way it feels inside her. She gets to the base of it, his cock deep inside her, and gyrates her hips. Moaning, she starts riding it a little harder, a little faster on each stroke. It doesn't take long before he feels her cum, soaking his balls with her warm flood of pussy juice. She pauses to regain her breath and decides it's time to turn it around. She reverses, giving him an excellent view of her ass. The sensations coursing through her in this position lead to an instant orgasm. She fucks him hard, squirting on almost every stroke, until her legs give out and her whole body is quaking.

Thoroughly soaked, he sits up. "Now let me see that ass. It's my turn to do some pounding."

She rises up on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass in anticipation. He starts moving the butt plug in and out a little. He slaps her ass and asks her "Are you ready to take me now?"

She lets out a small squeal of pleasure as her ass cheek reddens with the sting. "Yes, I think so." she tells him.

"That's not good enough" he says as he pushes and pulls harder on the plug. He smacks her on the other side of her ass, "I want you to tell me what you want."

Another squeal escapes her lips. Excitedly she replies “I want to you to take that plug out. I need to feel your throbbing cock sliding into my ass. I want you to fuck my ass and make me squirt!"

"That's what I wanted to hear" he says as he slowly pulls the plug out and admires her asshole. He adds a little extra lube and slides the tip of his cock inside. She shudders with anticipation as he starts pushing deeper. She moans, softly at first then more loudly as he slides the tip all the way in. She begins to push back onto him, wanting to take it deeper and deeper. Pleased with her reaction, he can't help but to give her what she wants. He teases her by only going a bit deeper each time, until he finally buries his cock all the way inside her.

"Is this what you've been craving?" he asks her.

"Oh, yes" she sighs, "more please. Fuck my ass!"

He grabs her hips and starts rhythmically pounding away at her, a few shallow strokes followed by a deep, hard stroke. She moans in pleasure with each stroke, punctuated by a squeal from the deep strokes.

He feels her suddenly tightening around his cock, he fucks her harder as her whole body starts to quake. She nearly screams with the most powerful orgasm she has ever had. A torrential flood of hot pussy juice gushes forth, splashing down her thighs and splattering the floor.

Nearly collapsing, she begs him, "Yes! Fuck my ass! Destroy it with your thick, black cock! Make me cum again!"

He pounds his cock into her ass harder, holding nothing back. His fingers sink into her soft, pink flesh as he grips her hips, pulling her back onto his cock as he thrusts forward.

She cums, too many time to count. Each orgasm causes her asshole to spasm around his throbbing cock. He can barely hold himself back from letting his load loose, but she did say to destroy her....

"You still like it? You like having this cock pounding you in the ass?" he demands to know.

Managing to regain her breath, she tells him, "I love it! I wanted to feel you ramming me hard, to finally be fucked like I've always needed to be."

She reaches back and slides her fingers inside her dripping pussy. He can feel her fingers against his cock through the wall, as she finds her g-spot. Barely able to speak she tells him, "Cum with me, I want to feel your load shoot deep inside my ass."

Hearing her say it is too much, he can't hold himself back a second longer. With a deep, guttural growl he lets his jizz shoot deep inside her. Hearing him, she hits her button just right and her pussy squirts once more. Her asshole contracts and loosens, milking every last drop from his throbbing cock.

They collapse onto the bed and roll to one side; his cock is still deep in her ass. He pulls her close and nuzzles her neck while her body shakes uncontrollably.

“You’re mine now….” He tells her.

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...ass soon to be taken by TopCat....
hot story..