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My wife and I have been married for 9 years. We've been living out our interracial cuckold fantasies for over a year.

Ask me anything and I will try my best to answer.


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My wife is now interested in first interracial experience. I started with IR films, made pillow talk about how sexy IR is, got her a big black dildo (then got her bigger ones) and know I openly make jokes about black men and her getting a big black cock. In the bedroom she takes her black dildo every time we full around and moans that she loves big black cock deep in her. I have told her that she should hook up with one but she doubts that I am serious. I think she is also very nervous about it. She is total sweet and innocent soccer mom type. She mentioned that it would be like having an affair and I told her it wouldn't be because I was fine with it. Not sure how to take to next step. We have two young kids and don't go out a whole lot. So its tough to imagine hitting clubs trying to meet someone. She would only be interested if the guy was very attractive and of course well hung. Any suggestions on how to take this to the next level?