Asians & Blacks


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by the way these Asian girls deserve a real mans cock, I've been with a few Asian boys when i was younger, and they are a joke! Minute men with small thin dicks, every time was a disaster that ended with the boy apologizing for his inadequacies hahahah I hope they know there women will do the same as us white girls, and go for black guys
Damn don't exist asian with big ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!! here in France OMG just fuck one has long times ago one and only asian I fuck need absoluly move in America right now start save money for many women start busy me :O
If I ever found a good looking Asian chick that loves BBC that wanted to move in with me I would make sure that she would acquire my rental property at my demise, like they always say you cannot take it with you, I would much rather give it to a whore than to my relatives.