Asian wife in Denver looking for adventure

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    Hi! I'm a bit new to this...I'm a married Asian woman, who is free to explore and find a new adventure. I have just finished up a huge project at graduate school that has keep me busy for so long, and I'm very eager to just let lose and have a wild time and new romance. I'm from Denver, I stay fit from exercise and hiking the mountains, I love to go out and play a little bit of pool, and I'm excited to find someone who can add some spice and heat to my life. I'm well educated and have lots of experience in community development work. I'm lucky to be able to travel overseas each year, and we also love to go camping several times a summer. Well, that's probably enough for now.

    I'm really hoping to meet someone soon for a date and see where it all goes. I want to just be thrilled and shown new experiences, and I open to intense nights and romantic days and a nice intellectual, romantic, sexual experience. I don't know if I can send my email here, but its moondream31 at gmail dot com. Cheers!

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    Looks like another hot asian looking for some bbc! Look forward to hearing your black cock adventures~!
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    One intelligent and hot looking Asian lady.
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    WHAT A FOXY LADY!!! Hubby is very lucky. I hope and pray that you find what you are looking for. Do you ever get down to Colorado Springs? The reason I ask is because you mention playing pool. There is a club there called Rack Daddies. They have the best tables and some of the best live music to come through. I think you would really enjoy it. And If you get a chance, go about an hour west of CSprings to 11 mile canyon. Best fishing and camping there is. The trout just jump on the hook.