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Asian Bunny for Choc treat


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To say that all your pics are Hot would be a HUGE understatement! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming...this Atlanta Bull is oh so grateful!:blackgreedy:
I am the last one any of my friends would imagine getting off to the thought of a BBC..... quiet in public, mother of one, married for 5 years, high level administrator in health care, competitive college swimmer, three degrees, homemaker, crafty and love pinterest. But when alone enjoying "ME TIME"...I think about or look at big juicy dark penises...cut..uncut..thick, long, etc. I think about being enjoyed by an african american man...my breasts played with...his big hands...for however long it lasts..maybe even just using their penis and physique as something to please me on the side in private. not something I am sure I want to share with everyone. I just want to feel it and taste them...be pleased..and then go back to my life. View attachment 97379 View attachment 97380
love to suck on them nipples