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Article: Your Wife Before . . . Your Wife Tomorrow!


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Your Wife Before . . . Your Wife Tomorrow

A question to cuck wannabees out there: How would you like to see your wife months or years from now as the lovely housewife she formerly was when first you met her, and even after as you raised a family with her, and then how you’d like to view her as a future hot wife. Not just a hot wife, but a dominating slut to you, as well a submissive slut to her lover/Master.

It might seem hard, especially for those who’re yet to get their wives turned to the idea of this, but one thing I have to tell you is first picture how you’d want to see it happen. Not just seeing it happen, but what you want to see. Pretend she’s that lovely car you’ve always dreamed of getting once you became of age. Remember the measly sacrifices you made: working night and day, way past overtime, saving up every Dollar you could scrap just to make the down deposit to sit in that front seat and ride that baby out of the car lot?

Well, that’s what I want you all to do this time around. Except this time, it’s not going to be no fancy car. It’s the lovely woman right next to you.

How you look at your wife, and what you picture of her becoming helps a lot toward stirring you to act toward making her into the slut you want her to be. I say this because I’m tired of receiving emails from a lot of hubbies who talk the long talk, but most are too chicken to embrace what’s in front of them. I will reiterate that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. This isn’t some gimmick I created, nor am I here to sell it. I’m merely using this outlet to tell to you what you ought to know but are too afraid or clumsy to ask. And though some out there have been asking, but haven’t found anyone to clue them in naturally what they should know, or even how to go about it.

What works for one couple won’t necessarily work for another. There isn’t a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ successful route of getting a housewife to become a slut. If I did have such a means, trust me I’d be selling it out the back of my trunk rather than sitting here putting words to paper. What’s even worse is there’s those hubbies out there who’re confused as to what they want. Yes, they do want to see their wife being fucked and used like a slut she ought to be . . . but they’re too afraid to take that bold step for mankind. I will sympathize with them as much as I can, but they too should come to realize that in the end, it’s not up to some dude chatting with your wife in a bar. In the end, it’s up to you. You make the choice, you make the decision. You find someone who’d be willing enough to help you make your dream come through.

Your woman might be 100% conservative in bed and everywhere else, but trust me when I say she didn’t just wake up one morning to become that sort of woman. You practically had a hand in molding her into assuming that poise. Time and environment, and the comfy of a home helps too. But that she’s become this doesn’t mean she generally needs to stay that way.