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Cuckoldry has been around for years and years, way before civilization kicked us in the face, as a favorite poet of mine once declared. But the name is a bad representation of what the act is about, and it gives the act a wrong impression in most people's minds, which is why I don't enjoy using it. But back to our discussion. A lot of couples out there are still struggling with means of enjoying themselves, getting more out of their sexuality, and from emails I've received in the past, one serious complaint a lot of hubbies tend to have is of trying to reconcile the need for their spouse to become more adventurous with her sexuality, without being suffocated by her religious passion. Yes, it sounds like a hard battle to be fought, and one that'll take more years than the Hundred Year War before one comes out victorious...and usually it's the wife.

But that's from the hubbies talking. Even from the wives, I know a lot of wives out there who're struggling with this and can't seem to find the answers. They've become encapsulated by their environment which tells them the same news over and over again, their friends are seldom open-minded to understand what's running through their minds, and whenever they come up online seeking answers, they get bombarded with tons of explicit sex pics and details that sheds little light to what they're feeling.

It's to these wives I'd like to communicate out to.

First of all, learn to acknowledge yourself: who you are as a person, whom you're married to, your relationship with everyone around you, and your religion, and learn to get I touch with yourself. Acknowledge your sex life: whether it's going strong, moderate, or bad, and that it can get better. Stop hiding your feelings in a closet, or pretend that it doesn't matter, and share your insecurities with your spouse.
In counseling sessions, we have frequently heard statements, something like these: “Why can’t I satisfy him/her?” “Why does he/she want to have sex with another woman/man?” “Why doesn’t he/she love me anymore?” These questions arise from situations where one’s mate has either actually experienced sexual relations with another person, or has expressed the desire to do so. The “faithful” mate is crushed by the knowledge that they are not able to “satisfy” their partner. Our “Christianized(?)” culture has taught for generations that one woman can satisfy all the desires of one man and vice versa, and that any desire for more than that is degeneracy, promiscuity and lust. But this is an insane position in light of the multitude of examples in Scripture of holy people not just desiring more than one mate, but experiencing multiple relationships.
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Once a wife has gotten in touch with herself, and begun asking herself relevant questions that matter most especially to her as an individual, as a woman, as a married woman, then it helps to separate whatever answers or conclusions she might draw to herself as regards her religious beliefs. Once she gets bold enough to share her thoughts with her hubby and hear what his thoughts might be, and they both decide to find out more about this sexual desires knocking on her door, and on his mind, probably, it alleviates them of whatever bounds they presume to have had on their minds. Notions of her cheating outside her marriage get swept away, as long as hubby is aware of her plans, however they decide to go about it is left for them.