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    This is the turn of the Christian husbands. But like I stated in that written for Christian wives, that it doesn’t just pertain to Christian couples but to other religious dominations as well. And before I continued, once again I stress that this isn’t written with the intention of dissuading any person from their religious beliefs or dogma. My postings aren’t to force you toward taking actions you or your spouse might not approve of. There’s every reason that your spouse may be upset if ever he/she reads about the stuff I’ve posted here already, and I can only apologize if anyone out there finds my articles insulting or degrading. This article isn’t just for white couples alone, but wherever you are, or whomever you are in the world, you’re welcome.

    Now, let’s get started, shall we?

    The Christian husband, if you’re reading this, you’re always faced with a daunting task that I can only offer you a pat on the back at the headache you might face when trying to convince your wife to take on a black lover. I know for some, the thought of even thinking about it, let alone mentioning it to their spouses is enough to drive them up the wall.

    A question some persons might ask: why is this starting to seem like a common trend?

    I won’t go as far as to call it ‘common’. I will say that it reveals a perfect picture of how much has changed in the world, and how we’re coming out of our hiding places and finding ourselves eerily becoming part of the change of what’s happening to our sex lives and the way most couples view themselves with regards to sex. A lot of Christian hubbies too are feeling the urge of this sexual change. Matter of fact, it’s rejuvenating their imagination, and its only right that they get a taste of what this holds for them and their spouse, and this isn’t just in the U.S., but around the world as well.
    For some hubbies, however, trying to settle the dogmatic hold of their religious beliefs with overrunning their fantastic imagination can be a drawback. It’s even more of a drawback when they realize their wives are still stuck in the rut of their religious hold and not willing to budge at all. For some hubbies, in their minds and in their hearts, they have conquered the hold of religion, but the fight now remains how to pull their wives along to try and see things from their perspective.

    That’s one word they first need to get in their heads: perspective.

    It would be wrong for a hubby to try and take religion out of the wife, no. Very hard, and sure to lead to consequences. However, what the hubby might do is change the wife’s perspective. Because that’s what this is all about. if a hubby desires to see his wife lost in the arms of a black man, he first needs to adjust himself to the perspective of what that picture holds for him. And then extend that same perspective to the wife as well, only with further and further fine-tuning so she don’t stray back to what she once was.
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