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Article: The Wife's Desire


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To the white hubbies out there: this post is for you: I've received a lot of mails over the past couple of months, more even now I'm in the U.S. One of the most pressing question starts with 'Why'. Here's a sample: "Please explain to me my wife's attraction towards Black men and why she so much desires to be 'Black-Owned'? Okay, that feels more like two questions instead of one. Nothing scares the living crap out of hubbies out there than the thought of their wives having fun with some other Joe. Obviously most of them would expect she'd be making out with a white boi just like them. Imagine the horror when they get to find out that actually she isn't making out with Joe as they suspected ... but with Raheem, the tall black stud who lives across town from them. An emotional imbalance usually occurs at this stage, mired by grief, anger, hubris and calculated jealousy:

"How dare she? The fuck would she want to go fuck somebody else? Ain't I good enough for her? Don't I give her everything she wants already ... and now she's going to want to throw all that away, all for some lay? And of all the guys in the world she could have fucked, why would it have to be a black guy?"

Of course it's not like the hubby is prejudiced (although some might be. You never know), but for most of them, the ideal fellow they'd wish to see banging their wives ought to be someone in pretty much the same social and financial class as them. If the hubby is earning a five-figure salary, then the guy fucking their wife ought to be making as much the same ... or maybe something a lot higher than what they've got. This is the way it ought to work in their minds. Imagine the curve ball that hits them in the face when they see/get to know that the brother don't share the same background socially or financially as they do. There lies the bafflement:

"What the hell does she see in fucking that sort of fellow anyway?"
Here's what a lot of white couples out there don't know: a lot of white wives are bored with their way of living. It's got nothing to do with them hating their hubbies (although some might admit to this), but more to do with the calm and easy-going type of life they've gotten so used to. A lot of white couples out there thrive for some type of excitement. Anything to not make they feel they're stuck in a wall painting for others to admire. Though not all wives have the desire or longing to want to be with another man (don't get me wrong when I say they haven't at one time or another thought about it, but that they haven't admitted to their cravings), but it's a troubling thing for a lot of hubbies out there, whether they choose to admit to it or not.

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