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Article: Never Lose Sight


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It's the third month of the leap year, and that's a good thing too. I love it when the month keeps on running further along, and like that so too the weather. There's such a contrast right now between the cold temperature I was feeling when back in New York as compared to the strong sense of heat that's here in my home. I spent the previous day asleep in bed going through the jet lag process of unwinding down and I'm glad now I'm finally back on my feet again.

A sissy white boi posted two articles at my Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Serving_Blacks_helping_Africa/ And I wanted to share it here for others to read and get ideas from it as well. This is the first article. The second will come soon.

Never Lose Sight

Seems a simple phrase, "Never Lose Sight, doesn't it? Yet we often do lose sight of what we are here for. As a reminder let's review our purposes. Blacks are the original humans, the superior race from which all other races or more accurately come from. Blacks are thus the original species and pure species and this is why they are superior. Being superior they deserve certain privileges.

Through force and manipulation, through trickery and betrayal Blacks lost their entitled position over the rest of humans for a period but as with all things true they are now quickly rising back to their place of power and leadership. To prove this consider that in the lifetime of the generations that currently live, Blacks were treated poorly, held back at every turn, denied equality in every way and YET, yes and YET they have with all odds against them risen above and proven their superiority.

Blacks excel in every field from sports to science to politics. After all the most powerful man in the world is a Black Man. And consider this; Blacks only make up some 12% of the US population so it was whites who wanted a Black Man as their leader. Yes the tide has turned.

It is estimated that today some 40% of all white married females are having or have had an affair with a Black Man. Why? Simply because a female inherently recognizes and appreciates the superiority of a Real Man. It is estimated that 66% of all white males have been involved in some degree of feminization from fully to experimental. Why? Because females inherently recognize the inferior male and want him in his place.

For more, go here: http://blackmastershango.blogspot.com/2012/03/article-lever-lose-sight.html