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are you up for a fight?

So guys, or girls, when you are having your way with some white pussy. do you like for us girls to put up a fight. to try tp stop you from tossing us around or do you just want the submissibe that says " yes master" to your every request?

Dominance is to be earned. Submissive does not mean weak. Weakness does not turn me on, it bores me.

Pouting and fighting is a way to give me feedback that something is not up to snuff. Then it's up to me as the Dom to read your body and mind and adjust accordingly. So to that end I tend to be attracted to "bratty" submissives.

It's much more fun to tame you when I have to forcefully flip you on your stomach, order you to get your ass in the air and spank your tush red for disobeying before you earn the privilege of getting deeply dicked down.


Gold Member
i've found guys like a woman to have a bit of fight in her ;)

i like a man to show me he can overpower me and make me surrender to him. i think it's how cave women made sure they picked the alpha male. lol