Are You Black Breed By Choice or Chance?

Are You Black Breed By Choice or Chance?

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5 months pregnant and black bred my ass. You are FAKE as shit. Just another faggot PRETENDING to be a female, having a creepy pregnancy fetish and POSING with pictures that are STOLEN from porn sites. The women on these photos are random pregnant women and not black pregnant.

"Your" avi pic:
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Nice thread? It's rather a creepy fake ass fantasy of a twisted minded loser.

Oh, my. Another faker? This is starting to be a major a problem around here. Think it's time for the admin to step in. Pray tell, how is anymore a creepy ass fantasy than having a stranger and/or black man sleep with your wife or girlfriend?
PS Since you're so inclined to "route out all the fakers" (and Lord knows we all need a stern watchdog around here), I have found the most appropriate avatar for you. I guarantee you won't find this on any other adult site out there! Enjoy. :)

Exposing..what is it with you..are you getting any pussy or contact with a woman..give up the exposing faker shit who the fuck are you to judge what people offer have no facts or remotely even any authority to be the Fake are a joke to more reasoned and fair minded members of the what the fuck if a woman submits a pic and wants discretion, who are you to judge..are you getting any pussy or sitting in your fucking cubicle or parent's basement passing judgement..shut the fuck up..we are adults and let adults make the decision on whether they need your stupid ass guidance..i am tired of your rants and rage..get a fucking life or a blowjob ..but move the fuck on.OSP25
So, why are you on this site? What satisfaction to you get by being here and exposing all the fakes? It looks like you have a lot of time on your hands to locate all these fakers. Do you wish to become a moderator? Then talk to admin about that job. You are not the first to take up the mantle of "watchdog" nor I suspect will you be the last. If you really want to make a difference around here with your vigilance, then yours should be the second reply after each fake post.
Thanks eyespy07, this Fake Police shit really pisses me off..the site is made for folks to have fun talking and sharing their lifestyle choices, which revolves around IR sex..I agree with you, we don't need a social misfit, clearly unable to find pussy, and has trouble connecting with society passing judgement on who or who is not a fake..he needs to move on in his life. Doubt seriously the folks on BtW need his moral superiority guidance..osp25
Virginia Knight..I really feel ya..when getting pissed off on fakes and liars..but the site is not a dating site like as adult guys, should have the ability to meet REAL women in our daily lives who have an interest in IR..The site is for those folks who like to fantasize and communicate about IR in their lives. None of us mature guys truly expect to have a REAL woman who wants IR to come out on the site. But a lot of women participating are upfront about their lifestyle and freely admit to their love of IR. I really suggest you not focus your energies on attempting to meet someone on BtW. IT'S THE INTERNET. Very little is real or substantive enough to invest your time and energy in chasing these women. We get fakes and flakes in our daily lives. BtW is no different..osp


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I think this "outing the fakes" crusade does have a place and that would be in the "interracial dating" section where people are trying to meet others for real time hook ups. No one should have to deal with fakers stringing them along and possibly costing them money to travel or get hotel rooms for meetings that never happen. That sucks.

However, there is no reason to be going off on every other poster in the areas that are recognized by virtually everyone as being mostly fantasy to begin with. As adults we expect that not only do the stories need to be taken with a grain or three of salt, but so do those who are posting them.

Besides, some of it is quite entertaining.
Virginia Knight, I truly understand your plight. I grew up in a small town in MD and understand the frustration of finding someone for a sexual connection. Even living in Chicago, can be difficult if you are not in the right demographic group. I just got blasted by Exposing the Fakes. The young lady (I didn't know that), was truly upset that I led such a personal attack in my rant. I apologized to her, and recommended she post her comments on the thread.
Exposing fakes, flakes and gays needs to continue, but my issue is to get the facts first. A married woman exploring IR for the first time is going to be reluctant to get into the lifestyle of IR, if it risks her home. So I ask that we be cognizant, of the sender, and as you have indicated with websites available and other resources, simply red flag them and they will move away. My only concern was the way the fakes and flakes were handled in a blast em to hell mode, which could scare off legitimate potential women or couples.

So as a grown ass man who is not afraid to say he owes an apology, I will fess up..I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings or was insensitive..OSP 25


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So as a grown ass man who is not afraid to say he owes an apology, I will fess up..I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings or was insensitive..OSP 25

Of course, that is only proper and commendable.

However, in this particular case, I don't see that it was totally out of line.
If she was busting someone that was advertising to meet for a real time date and was a fake who was leading people on, that would be one thing, but in this case she was busting some white guy for claiming to be a pregnant white chick that was clearly using pictures of different women to try to spin his fantasy.
Why did THAT need to be busted especially as it was so obvious that it was bs?

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a pitch for money or to meet for a date or anything that could potentially harm anyone. It was just jerk off fodder like so much else on this site.

Save the FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! stuff for where it could do some real good and stop the fakes that are leading people on in the dating section and costing them money, time and emotional distress.