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Are you ashamed that it turns you on?

Are you ashamed that it turns you on?

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conventional wisdom is that a man should never want his wife to cheat on him. especially with a black guy who has a much bigger cock.

many white boys try to fight it but are still extremely turned on by it. they feel shame but can't resist this desire to watch their wives destroyed by big black dicks.

are you ashamed that the thought of your wife being fucked by big black guys turns you on so much?


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Marriage relationships have come a long way over the past 20 or so years. Monogamy isn't as important in a marriage as is the overall happiness of the marriage. If both parties benefit, I can't see as anything a couple enjoys doing in the privacy of their home as wrong.

Even if they like to gif_Yellowball-Censor.gif "yeah, what is this?
Why the hell should anyone be ashamed of whatever ones wife might do when she's got his acceptance and consensus to do it! The only shame that would exist is if after she does her thing he does become ashamed, then the shame would be his hypocrisy! So "NO" I was not, am not, nor will I be, ashamed!
For me to be ashamed I would have to 1) be ambivalent towards my partners desires and pleasure, or 2) think lesser of black men (or any man for that matter) she beds. In both cases, I don't. I also am not a traditional cuck in that I don't think of myself to be inferior to any man or race. I will share my partner with whomever she and I deem worthy of incredible sexuality, and never deny the fact that it turns me on immensely.