Are you a dominant Ebony-Goddess? Looking for a submissive white Cucky?

You are ssertive, dominant, strong-willed, demanding, very proud (arrogant?) and race conscious?
And looking for a very supportlive servicemiinded and submissive Never-Inside-Cuckold-Hubby who would enjoy of being of use?
You would prefer an mature white single childless male with means and who adores and worships black women like you but feels sexually absolutely inferior?
That is to say you are 100% black-only and you want to be penetrated only by big strong and stiff black cocks who can also deliver enough sperm to inseminate you (what is may be very crucial for you).

But your submissive white hubby will not be useless. He shall support the family, make the errands and all the domestic chores and will serve you in every respect you want (but sexually only feetworship, oral services and massaging etc if you want so).

He would be ready to sign a marriage contract and to wear a penis-cage and/or a PA-ring for lifetime commitment.

He is a 64 year-old retiree (tall and handsome) living in Germany and would prefer a black lady here (UK/Netherlands/France/Germany) but would also be ready to relocate elsewhere.
By the way: He is not bisexual but honors and adores sexually successful black bulls and is very ready to obey them and to see them as the male boss of the family!

Tall and curvy women will be given priority, single mothers with black bulls also welcome!
This white weakling is totally concvinced of black superiority and would like to foster beautiful black babies (and their mother of course!)
Dear Zay,
many thanks for your reply. I would like to see you next time when I am in London to get to know you better. Maybe I can make your (and my) dreams becoming true!?
If you like please tell me a bit more about you and your longings!
PS: I am late with my answer because I am on holiday in Spain.
In Texas let's go over an agreement ladies? Seeking strict n very active hotwife discreet or open will be great server n presentable with my looks short but athletic build