Are we white husbands 'turning out' our wives to black men?


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you know I have been thinking about that for THE last years and a half,,,,,that when she first started having sex with blk guys,,,IF I'm I allowing it or enjoying it,, I think both,,, think of it like this,,NO. 1 she walk around the house all the time with a smile ,,before maybe sometime,,,NO 2 she not BITGHING at me all the time...NO 3 I never have to go shopping anymore now when she go it not just for a new dress or a pair of shoes it for a new bbc to,,,,NO 4 if I get up on a sat. and tell her I'm going FISHING .,she said see when you get BACK ,,,not you got THINS to do around the house....NO.5 I could go on for every but you get what I'm SAYING,,,,so if I had know 22 years ago married could be this much fun ,l,,i would had allowed her to have sex with bbc ,,,,,,and enjoyed the last 22 years ,,,,that why I say ,,,,BOTH,,,, NOW ASK YOURSELF WHO USEING WHO?????????????? BY THE WAY THIS IS THE HUSBAND HERE
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