Apodyopsis (What If We)

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    *Apodyopsis: The act of mentally undressing someone.*​
    With just one touch thoughts soak right through
    Baby your legs give you away, so stay right here with me
    Your eyes light up like I set off a flare
    Leading me closer to you
    I’m not here to save you, I’ll drown you in your desires
    Over & over again

    I can’t help it when your breath escapes
    I’ll take it & give it back to you slowly, kiss by kiss in all the right places
    I’ll say the words to make your whole body blush
    You can’t hide it even when you’re undercover
    You’re most real when you’re exposed wide open
    So I’ll settle for more of less as you drop that dress
    What if we live in the moment?

    When you look at me that way I just have to get a taste
    You are the start of something new as my tool works deep inside of you
    It feels like you want me to get to you in ways that you can’t explain
    Got to peek behind the curtains to see what you’re all about
    Everything’s better when it comes out of your mouth
    Tell me which way to go while your mind gets wetter
    Thrust my life into your world
    Draw me a blueprint with your fingertips while my hands are wrapped around your hips

    I’m no stranger to the things you do in this city that never sleeps
    It hurts so good to know you like I do
    Tell me what you want, give me what I need
    Can’t keep you still no matter which way we hold on
    Always moving around, never where you were before
    We’ve gotta break through your swollen silence
    Until we end, there is no reason for the day to begin
    What if we never stop?

    With you nothing’s impossible, because I’m possible
    Look at what you made me do
    Night light kisses & skin to skin window displays
    You run off of our electricity, so turn me on
    I’m built for endurance, so ride it out
    Passion pouring out after every sign we follow
    Covered in a feeling we can’t escape tonight
    The best part is coming down
    Over & over again
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    WOW !!! MMMMMMMM WOW!! Reading AGAIN n AGAIN !!
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    Thank you Rubyjane.
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