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Anyone up for this


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As a cuck he does not have to be humiliated. He can sit and watch or leave the room, house, building, city, county, state
IMO not true.

i am very interested in different lifestyles and the roles they comprise. One thing i have learned is that the role of a "cuckold" always contains some sort of humiliation, or submission at least - either to the "hotwife"/"hot girlfriend" or her lover(s)/"bull(s)" or both/all of them.

This makes the difference to the role of a "wife sharer" who would accept or support his woman to sexually or sometimes otherwise be with other men and/or women in an "half-open" relationship where the woman "plays around" while the husband or boyfriend stays faithful (in any aspect).

In a special case a "wife sharer" is closer related to swinging in that he may join the action actively, say in a threesome for instance, or passively by watching from the sidelines without that element of humiliation/submission included.