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Anyone ever wonder why

White men are physically inferior ?

I mean yes there are some black men that look like Eddie Murphy in the Klumps or al roker or some that have average or even small dicks

But generally they are physically superior in every way.

Why ?
Many white men have become complacent due to their privilege and think they can get away with not taking care of themselves and still have it all their way. It's starting to backfire in today's world, however.


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Richard Pryor said a black tv star used to be in porn but had the smallest black dick he ever saw. Said get that man out of porn people think we have small dicks, put on tv where no one will see. Funny stuff.
Yes. The stereotype isn't always true. I'm Italian and I have a fat 8 inch dick

Tall Dark skinned handsome black men are just fucking cool. They have a way about them I don't think most of us can match.