Anyone can fuck, I need to be SEDUCED !

We are a couple from NJ. The female half is writing this so you should know dick shots without a reply will be completely IGNORED ! Any female on here will tell you that we need to be SEDUCED before there is any interest, even with the husband being into this . I do not care what my husband or any REAL husband says, you must capture my mind before you can capture anything else ! I. Could be the most horny woman in the world, but if u do not stimulate me mentally your dick shot is not going to do anything . We like to know not only about your conquests, but about yourself as well. So if your serious about meeting, stimulate my mind first, tell me why you and I plus my straight husband should meet ? Also tell me the truth about if you have had experiences with other white couples , I do not need to hear about the details. I would like to know if u were invited back, so references would be very welcomed !